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The Parallel Entrepreneur: How to Start and Run...
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Building a product on the Internet is relatively easy these days. It´s the making money part that´s hard. I wrote this book to help you become a parallel entrepreneur faster than I did, and to encourage you to do so while you have the safety net of a day job. ´´The Parallel Entrepreneur is to B2B startups as Rich Dad Poor Dad is to real estate. It´s a manifesto to entrepreneurs that you don´t need to raise venture capital to build a profitable business; that you can be your own boss; that you can control your own destiny - and still be successful. Ryan is one of the few folks who´ve successfully navigated this path, and in this book he shares his hard-won experience. If you are thinking about starting a business to generate some cash, you owe it to yourself to read The Parallel Entrepreneur.´´ (Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio and co-founder of Marketo) ´´The Parallel Entrepreneur is a fantastic resource for anyone who has faced the conundrum of wanting to stay at their current job while starting one or multiple companies in parallel - and my experience at Upwork shows me that a lot of people are trying to do this. Ryan, himself a parallel entrepreneur, describes his best practices as well at those collected from others in a compelling, down-to-earth book that will walk the reader through why and how to become a parallel entrepreneur.´´ (Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork) 1. Language: English. Narrator: Robert Jennings. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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